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Verso Wiring Accessories

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What makes Verso so Special

With so many alternative ranges of switches and sockets on available on the market, The Premspec Group set about on a mission in 2016 to begin research and development on a range of products that would finally incorporate all of the premium functions and aesthetics that both the installer and the client would love.

With this mission in hand, a brief was created from months of conversations with installers, specifiers and electrical wholesalers as well as from our already detail knowledge of the market from our extensive years of selling our Style range and the wealth of industry knowledge held across our management team.

The key aspects of our brief read as follows:

  1. Superior Quality with extended warranty

  2. Robust design for varied installations

  3. Anti-Microbial Properties 

  4. Modular switches for complex installations

  5. Soft edge plates with a traditional shape

  6. Strong rocker mechanisms

  7. In-line terminal's fused connection units

  8. 1 Gang USB sockets

  9. USB sockets that fit into standard 25mm back boxes

With our brief in hand and our mission clear we began structuring our research and development team ensuring we did not leave anything to chance. 

With over 19,200 man-hours being dedicated to the design and product development of the range we were able to launch our core 100 lines by January 2018.

Since then the range has seen constant developments and items added to our MSS switching system and our 20A grid range as well. Improvements such as

in-line terminals have been added into our new fused connection units. We have also added 8 new modules to our MSS system to further add versatility to the range and support the installer even on the most complex circumstances.   

(BIG) v212usb.jpg
Verso mini grid.jpg

The entire range of our VERSO urea accessories have been tested and certified by Intertek and as such we are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on every product within our ever-growing range.

It is also the reason we have been awarded some prestigious specifications since launching the VERSO range in 2018. These include multiple student accommodation projects, nursing homes, and MOD housing developments.

A huge element to the popularity in commercial applications has been the anti-microbial properties which limit bacteria's ability to multiply on the surface of our VERSO range. This also holds true for our DDA compliant Part-M range.

We have also designed a range of "Primo" 20A miniature grid switches with their own unique plate that allows for a beautiful finish within the modern kitchen. Exceptionally popular in New Build homes and with over 17 pre-printed switches available you will be able to support the majority of requirements. However, should you come across installation and we do not have the pre-printed switch available to you, we offer a bespoke printing service that we perform right here in South Wales.

The "Primo" grid which it has been nicknamed is a yolkless system that allows you to install the 20A module directly onto the plate, making the installation time drastically quicker. 

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