Our Brands

We strive to make some of the most respected brands in the industry, and with PGL products now developing market-leading recognition for quality and value, our brands can be found in distributors right across the United Kingdom. 

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Website: www.versoelectrical.co.uk

Since Verso launched its VWA White moulded, modular wiring accessory range back in 2017, the brand has seen huge advancements and been a brand of specifications choice. With constant development and investment into R&D, Verso WA has developed a vast range of modules, features, and accreditations rivaled by few within the electrical industry. 2021 saw the launch of the Verso domestic circuit protection range (VCP), which has since been specified by several local authorities and become the electrician's consumer unit of choice! 

Website: www.ascotheating.co.uk

With a better tomorrow being at the core of our Ascot divisions ethos, renewable alternatives to inefficient heating solutions was just as much a business decision as it was an ethical one.

Ascot leads the way in electric fluid radiator technology and with a market best 167W per element and 100% energy to heat conversion rate, Ascot is only just getting started. 

33% more energy efficient than the industry's average, smart home capabilities, and award-winning energy solution technologies, Ascot is integrating technologies of the future into our everyday heating.

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Vist the webiste here

Whilst Style was one of the first brands incepted by PGL back in 2012, it has continued to evolve and develop to support an ever-changing requirement of decorative electrical wiring accessories.

With beautiful hand-finished curved-edged, flat plate, and screw-less options available over four stunning finishes, Style decorative wiring accessories have stood as a staple of the market's high-end switch and socket for almost a decade. 

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Visit the website here


Premshield as a brand has been retained as a diverse range of Three Phase commercial circuit protection. The brand has a fantastic range of accessories and devices across its 125A offer. 

With compatibility across all aspects of three-phase installations and multiple installation features to simplify features such as metering, the range continues to grow and establish itself as a competitive alternative within the industry's TPN space.