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18th Edition surge proetced Premshield boards availble from your local wholesaler now

Surge protection Premshield consumer units
SPD 18th compliant Premshield boards now available

With months of product development and huge customer demand our 18th edition consumer units are now available from your local wholesaler.

Varying in offers, sizes and bespoke populated options the Premshield range continues to provide the market with what it is asking for.

Competitively priced and made to the highest testing standards set out by Intertek the surge protection products we provide will be suitable for any domestic application.

Currently available in both 1 and 2 module versions as stand alone product lines that mount dimply to the boards Din rail or compete within our consumer units should you wish.

Please contact your local wholesaler to find out more or contact us today to find your local stockist and we'll be only to happy to help.

029 2130 3710

The Premspec Group

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