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Becoming an ECA commercial associate - from Joe Haley

I am incredibly excited by this development with ECA being such an established association across South Wales. It means that we are now able to engage with a number of contractors across the region in developing knowledge through providing product training and valuable information on how ongoing changes within legislation can affect the contractor. Steve’s experience in providing CPD training will mean that we are in a good place to be able to educate members on the latest developments surrounding electrical heating and Lot20.

Our main driving factor to become associated with the organisation is that we felt contractors had been kept in the dark regarding the changes to electrical heating and the recently introduced European directive Lot20. Being a manufacturer of Lot20 products, we feel that it is in the best interests of ourselves and the contractor to educate the industry about what Lot20 means, what is available on the market and how a better understanding can create multiple business opportunities. Both I and Steve saw this new partnership as a way to work with members in our aim for Lot20 electrical heating to become more prominent within the construction industry. We see ECA members as potential strategic partners in helping achieve our goal.

Not only do we manufacture Electric heating products, but they offer a range of wiring accessories across white and decorative, as well as domestic and three-phase circuit protection. By building relationships with affiliated members, we hope to expose these products through good conversation and building a network between ourselves, the contractor and our valued wholesale stockists across South Wales and beyond. We currently have good representation within wholesalers throughout all of South Wales across all of the brands that we offer. Having built strong relationships with these wholesalers over the past so many years, through trust and reliability, I have begun to focus much of my attention on introducing these products to the contractor and finding electrical solutions to the everyday challenges they may face.

I would like to think that we as a company, and from a personal point of view, have exercised some pretty good relationships within contractors local to ourselves and further afield. I hope that becoming a member of such an established association as the ECA will put confidence in others that they can also put their faith and our products, service and our people.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has coincided with our joining of the ECA. Our arrangements with the association have subsequently been put on hold, but ultimately, at present, the priority is to stay safe. This being said, I will be available for any member of the ECA to contact myself via email or mobile, if they would like to learn a little more about us and how we, and more importantly, I, aim to work with them to try and maximise their business opportunities.


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