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CEF Group of the Year 2019 Award Goes To ...

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We at The Premspec Group our very proud of our growing relation with CEF across the country. With multiple stockists spanning 10 regions of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland, we are excited about the support we have been able to provide electrical contractors up and down Great Britain.

Winners of this award are not chosen simply by turnover but instead we factor in multiple different aspects of working together. These  include: Number of lines stocked, number of stockists within the group, groups growth within the year, number of joints calls with Premspec Representatives and more.

In 2019 we hosted a huge number of joint social #MyInstall contractor engagement events with the award winners as well as being included in multiple events held solely by the group itself. We value contractor engagement through our stockists as a key indicator to how much we can effect the local market and truly grow the relationship throughout the entire aspect of the Electrical Contractors supply chain. 

It is with great delight we can announce that 2019's PremSpec CEF Group of the year has been awarded to:

CEF South Wales Group

Sean Baker, CEF South Wales Group Manager-Left.

William Winter, The Premspec Group Managing Director-Right

"It's been a great year working with the CEF South Wales group and Sean's team have been amazing" - William Winter

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