Compact, Type A and designed for any install! Our New MINI RCBO is here!

We have been working extremely hard developing all aspects of our Premshield range, from single phase products to Three phase, switch gear and more.

The latest edition is our range of both B and C curve miniature RCBO's.

We did not simply want to make a smaller version of our existing product, but instead improve it as we constantly strive to do in all areas of our business. With this brief we managed to create a miniature RCBO product range that spans from 6A to 40A and deliver this in a TYPE A device.

Why is TYPE A so important?

With the growing rise and demand for EV charging and the regulations requirement for them to be wired to a dedicated circuit. This however, can mean the DC current will find its way onto the AC domestic circuit and cause nuisance tripping for the homeowner. With our TYPE A device this issue is eliminated. Our TYPE A device can handle both AC and DC currents and ensure that the entire circuit remains protected.

Want to know more about TYPE A devices or our Mini RCBOs? Get in touch with our sales team today, who will gladly assist you

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