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Customer events, we have missed you!

The Electrical industry has also been one fuelled by innovation and relationships, and whilst our Verso and Ascot divisions have been working exceptionally hard over these past two years on the innovation of our products, relationships have been relegated to phone and zoom calls for what feels like an age.

So to be able to enjoy two fantastic events on back to back weekends, with great

customers from up and down the United Kingdom, has been truly special.

From a weekend at Silverstone watching the Formula 1, in what can only be described as a race that will go down in history, to a fantastic and exciting day at the King George diamond day at Ascot Racecourse, it has been amazing to spend time with people again.

With a calendar filling up for all of our staff, ranging from breakfast mornings, to trade days and trade shows, it feels like things are finally getting to a stage of normality. Thank our to all of our customers and all of you contractors who continue to support us and we cannot wait to see more and more of you as the country continues it's path back to normal.

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