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Customisable RCBO boards

After speaking with a huge number of both electrical wholesalers and contractors, there has certainly been a shift towards the requirement of RCBO boards.

With this in mind we began asking customers how we could best service this requirement for them. The answer was very simple. Good quality, good price and include the RCBO's that the customer actually wants!

With this in mind we have complied an offer for our first generation RCBO boards that are certified to Intertek D6 standards to fulfil any requirement for quality. We have ensure that the prices for our 6, 8 and 12 way boards are not excessively higher than a standard MCB loaded board to ensure the price.. Finally, we can populate each offer individually at no extra cost on a next day service with exactly the RCBO requirement that you have for the forthcoming project.

All products are complete with our 10 year warranty and are individually tested to ensure the products quality.

Populated offers are available with both B and C curve options and mixable should you require this type of populated product.

If you would like to know more about any of our populated RCBO offers or any of our Premshield products please contact your local electrical wholesaler or give us a call on 029 2130 3710 or

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