Do Smart Homes save energy & money?

The concept of a “smart home” in recent history, seemed to be a concept reserved for both the wealthy and technology enthusiasts. This was primarily down to the extreme costs of installation, smart-home cost products required, coupled with compatibility issues and necessity within the home. After all was it more convenient to turn off your living room lights from a tablet, rather than using a traditional switch plate that has worked so well for us for so long, that we now interact with our switches out of habit and without second thought?

But with the huge advancements in technologies such as our smart phones and the smart home products that are now available, household can take a level of control over every aspect of their homes to levels that would have previously seemed inconceivable. Smart-home systems it can be argued, have surpassed a convenience factor, and have now helped us improve the safety of our homes and track our consumption and costs across all major utility spends.

With these smart technologies now a common practice in most homes with devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google home device the question still arises: Do smart home devices help you save energy and reduce household bills, or does consumption stay the same and we are just now more conscious of our utility costs?