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Helping you to support COVID19 "Pop-up" hospitals and more

Due to the anti-microbial properties of our UREA VERSO wiring accessories, we have been quoting a large number of pop-up hospitals in wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

If you need support in such a. project please give us a call so we can assist you with this.

Our Verso wiring accessories have been submitted and accepted on multiple sites across the UK now for temporary Hospitals due to their incredible level of certification and anti-microbial properties. This means that the products stop bacteria from multiplying on the surface of the product and therefore limiting the risk of the COVID19 virus from spreading.

The Verso range is not only Anti-microbial but also hold testing certificates from Intertek and has a modular switching system to make it quick and easy to install. Which in these time-sensitive projects is essential.

We have also quoted a large number of 6way RCD Premshield Consumer units for temporary power supply for these hospital sites. Our unit is very aggressively priced to

support the on-going crisis and also its small and compact design allows it to be

installed in the smallest available spaces.

We have also just supplied some smaller "Garge unit" sized Consumer units for the same reason to a leisure centre that is being converted to a relief hospital centre as well.

Small little 4way boards complete with an RCD and a 40A MCB have been the most requested configurations.

Ascot heating has also played its part in supporting this crisis and the pop-up hospitals with our panel heaters.

As instant energy to heat conversion and its exceptional lightweight and compact design, it can be installed on thin dividing walls and heat huge spaces without taking up much space.

If there is a project you are involved with please get in touch we are here to help and support you


The Premspec Group are proud Commerical Associates to the ECA and as such work closely with the industry to ensure that value and standards are kept high. 

To find out more about the relationship or what we are currently doing with the ECA please click the logo on the right to take you to our website


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