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IBA Award Winners!

What a fantastic night and a wonderful surprise to win the IBA Best New Supplier Award for 2021!

We would like to thank the IBA for their tremendous support over the last 12 months, in a market that has been difficult for everyone, the IBA have been true partners throughout. When asked about what the future held for PGL and the IBA our Managing Director William Winter (pictured) was quoted as:

It's extremely exciting, with so many products in final stages of development only around the corner, we feel we can support the IBA so much more over the coming year.
We really wanted to support of such an amazing group of independent wholesalers for such a long time prior to being approved, and after working with the IBA for the last 12 months, developing some great relationships and learning more about each of the businesses individually, we are committed to growing our business with them substantially, through excellent customer service, local support and great products.

Needless to say that whilst our journey with the IBA has only just started, we are extremely committed to a long and bright future.

All of us at PGL, would like to extend a huge Thank You to each member for their vote and their support.


Picture credit: IBA Buying Group.

Pictured: Paul Jenner (left) William Winter (centre) Russ Gratton (right)


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