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New Stockist of the Year 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We would like to congratulate our 2019 New stockist of the year CEF Cardiff. CEF Cardiff have been exceptional at taking the Style Decorative, Premshield Circuit Protection and our Ascot heating range into the Cardiff area.

Together with Steve, Mike, Jake and the team, Premspec and CEF Cardiff have had a a great first year working together and we are excited about what we will achieve in our second year and beyond.

With each passing month we have been exploring new potential markets and customers together and we are delighted to be seen as a strategic partner moving forward.

“Thank you for the award its been a great first year, lets beat it this year” Steve Stark CEF Cardiff Branch Manager.

Our very own Joe Haley who is seen here presenting Steve CEF Cardiff's award was quoted as saying:

"The guys here have been great from the moment they took in their profiles. We have been able to work so well with them to win a large amount of jobs throughout the year. It really has been a pleasure working with them."

So it is with great pleasure that we have been able to present this award to CEF Cardiff and with four new stockists already since the turn of 2020, we are excited to see who we will be presenting 2020's award to.

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