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PGL become an Accredited Citizens UK Employer

As a Group, PGL understands that across all of our divisions, our most powerful assets are the staff who work within them. From our inception almost 10 years ago, a core aim has always been to recruit and support people who share in our company’s ethos and provide them with an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

After being contacted by Cardiff County Council in association with Citizens UK about becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer, we were excited to be able to further support our mission and staff. We at the PGL Group recognise that a fundamental for all employees is being able to receive a fair wage in order to support themselves and their family, but as well as this, we believe it reflects how much a company values its employees.

As an accredited Living Wage employer, we ensure that all employees aged 18 and over, including certain classes of contracted staff, are paid to at least the living wage and increase their wages accordingly should this rise.

In addition to this, PGL has recently invested heavily across each division to enhance the further training and development of our teams. Irrespective of whether our staff choose to spend their entire careers here, or whether they wish to pursue opportunities elsewhere as their journey unfolds, we at PGL want their time here to be one of growth, success and fulfilment, which all starts with positive thinking from the employee coupled with our commitment to provide the environment, which motivates employees to want to achieve.


See how our divisions are supporting local members of the community with greater oppeortuntinties and support here.


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