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Premspec Decade Awards 2010-19 go to ...

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

As you may have noticed we have had great pleasure these past few month recognising which wholesalers have really supported us throughout 2019. We have however saved the biggest thank you's to a select few who have not just supported us for the past 12 months but over the past decade.

Due to the type of support and growth, we felt it appropriate to divide the award into two categories, Independent of the decade and National region of the decade.

So it is with a huge pleasure that we can announce that the Premspec Groups Independent Electrical Wholesaler of the Decade is none other than ...

(Chris left & Joe right)

"CMR was one of our very first customers back when we set out to bring Premspec to the market. John and his team have always been extremely supportive and we have secured some great projects and consistent business across the Wirral working together. I am so happy to be able to present them with this award." (William Winter - Managing Director)

Our National group of the year has been awarded to a region of Electrical Wholesalers who saw the opportunity to work with us and capture an entire region with our ASCOT electric heating and helped us catapult the product to its market-leading aspiration. It is our great pleasure to present this award to ...

"Robert Sheppard opened his group up to give us the opportunity to work with his group and they have been amazing to work with from the very start. It was thanks to the opportunity and success that we had to work with this group, that we have managed to spread our reach across multiple CEF regions and offer contractors our products on a national basis. It makes me very happy a grateful to be able to present Rob and his teak with this award" (William Winter - Managing Director)

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